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This is a sample of a 12 page Research Report by Pollock Japan Research Ltd. on Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. The report is ~ 6000 words and is in electronic PDF form.                                                                   

Report Structure

There are 7 Excel pages that all cover the last five years reported numbers and the forward years of 5 years +.  The numbers are all individually and  manually inputted from the Annual report, Company data, Management interviews and other public sources. The Excel pages consist of all relevant numbers in the P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, DCF, EV/IC, and Ratios that has all the important Valuation and Financial Ratios. The most relevant Financial numbers and Ratios are summarized in Excel and this is the  front cover page of the whole PDF Research Report.


The following 5 page Word Research section also first  consists first of a 1 page  Word Summary. This also is therefore concise, and gives  overall balance of the report paragraphs and  all the important written and numerical elements contained in the whole Research Report. It discusses the company’s Franchise, Management, Financials, Research Summary, Risks, and Valuation. The Valuation section, that also discusses the Dividend and Capital Management issues, provides consistency and easy comparison to its Global Sector peers, and also with any other Research Report by Pollock Japan Research Ltd.

The following 4 page Word section considers the principal issues, and the balance of the Company’s strengths and weaknesses and also its relevant local and global peers in a global context. It is written to be relevant in a medium term context of 3 to 5 years that is largely in line with the outlook of Japanese Company Managements’ and the investment horizon of a typical client of Pollock Japan Rsearch Ltd.

Report Contents

Kirin’s Franchise and its group outlook by division in a local and global context. •The impact of various relevant price rises on low malt beer values in Japan. •Managements’ strengths, weaknesses and incentives in comparison to its nearest rivals. • M+A opportunities, San Miguel and other International growth expectations. • The competitive risks and geographical threats facing Kirin post Brazil Kirin’s sale. • The valuation of Kirin compared to its peers. •The impact of future tax changes. The Australian market conditions and outlook for its beer and soft drinks business. • The sale of Warrambool Cheese and its implications for Kirin Lion’s dairy business. • The Lion Dairy current issues, global pricing and the outlook for results going forward.


The expectations of Kyowa Hakko Kirin and the possible impact on group results. • The impact and outlook for the capital intensive Domestic vending machine business. • Their soft drinks Franchise, results, strategy and the outlook for the division. • Kirin and Lion’s position, the M+A strategy and outlook for its craft beer results. • The outlook in Kirin’s higher margin RTD and Spirits division • Restructuring and the potential effects of raw materials on profitability and returns. • Kirin’s purchase of Myanmar Beer and discussion of the future strategy.

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